To recognize the research conducted by the companies operating in the professional cleaning and sanitation industry. The organizer of ISSA PULIRE 2021 has established the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” Award to draw attention to and reward the development of innovative solutions, ideas, and designs in the industry.

The 2nd edition of the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” Award will be celebrated during the ISSA PULIRE 2021 show (Verona 7-9 September 2021).


Participation in the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” Award is reserved exclusively to companies that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Companies which are regularly participating in the ISSA PULIRE 2021 show as exhibitors and co-exhibitors
  • Companies which are producer or importers of: machinery, accessories, mechanical, electrical and electronic devices, equipment, chemical products, paper, textiles, cleaning cloths, systems and services
  • Companies which are operating in the following sectors: professional cleaning, environmental cleaning and sanitization, security, facility management, pest control, laundry, services, lifting, car washing, logistics
  • The award competition is exclusively open to exhibiting companies whose products have been introduced into the market between 1 January 2020 and 15 August 2021.
  • Products that have already been submitted to award competitions organized in 2020 and 2021 trade show events, are eligible to be entered into the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” competition.
  • Companies can submit a maximum of three (3) products entries.

Exhibitors can submit their original products to participate in the competition, which implies complete and unconditional acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.


The selection process of the nominated projects and the identification of the winner will operate in two phases:

  • the collection of the submitted applications sent by the participating companies via the form on the website.
  • the technical evaluation of each product candidate entrusted to a jury of industry experts, who shall examine and review each individual project based on a thorough analysis of all the key elements reported on this call.

The jury shall identify the finalist products who will receive a Nomination. The jury shall then determine the overall winner of the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” Award.


Companies shall submit their spontaneous application.

Companies that intend to take part are required to submit the following documentsfrom June 15 to August 15 2021:

  • On-line Registration form, completed in full (in English), available on the ISSA PULIRE 2021 website (“Events” section)
  • Any related documentation that describes the product in detail (in English).
  • Privacy consent form.

The products may be submitted as photographs and/or other multimedia material and must be supported by a clear and comprehensive description of the item, as well as detailed documentation referring to the technical and functional specifications of the product, and the objective reasons for which the company believes the product submitted should be selected product of the year. Finally, include any documentation that describes patents and/or exclusive licenses attributed to the product.

The company submitting its product must give consent to the award’s Organizer to present and publish the documentation referring to the products upon conclusion of the selection and voting phase.


The jury will evaluate the products presented based on the documentation provided; if necessary, the jury may ask for additional information to complete the final evaluation. All the documentation provided will be kept confidential until the award date and will not be returned, unless the company expressly requests it. The jury is responsible for evaluating and selecting the products with impartiality and objectivity and will name five (5) finalists and a (1) winner of the prize.

The jury will be composed by respected authorities from international institutions, experts in the industry.

The jury will also be responsible for interpreting these rules and regulations and applying them as strictly as possible to ensure the quality of the result while respecting the rights of the participants and the rules set forth herein. Its decision will be final.


The “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” award aims to use the objective assessment expressed by the jury to certify that the selected products for the Nomination can meet the following criteria:   

  • Technical quality
  • Functionality and ease of use
  • Economic/Energetic efficiency
  • Technological progress
  • User benefits
  • Innovation strategy
  • Social, ecological and economic sustainability

Information related to how the candidate project has contributed to face the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of strategies and procedures will be a plus and crucial factor for the decision making process.

The products must be original and demonstrate elements of novelty, improvements, and competitive advantage in direct comparison with the competition.


The competition is set up as follows:

  • Digital Submission of the projects

Starting on 15 June 2021 up to 15 August 2021, each participant can submit a product to nominate (the limit is three (3) products per exhibitor).

  • Selection & Nomination

The products submitted will be reviewed by the jury of experts which will use electronic means to transmit their voting sheet.
The process will result in a ranking of five (5) final products who will receive a Nomination

  • Winner Voting

The sorting Jury shall choose the “ISSA PULIRE AWARD 2021 - WINNER” among the five (5) finalists.  “The product receiving the highest number of votes will be named the winner.

  • Winner Ceremony

The finalists will be announced and the winner will be awarded publicly in the first day of the trade show, September 7th 2021.


    - Use of the label "Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021 – NOMINEE”
    - One personalised acrylic glass certificates "Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021 – NOMINEE”
    - One Teardrop Flag on the exhibition booth
    - Mention on the website issapulire.com
    - Mention on all the communications related to the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” (media relations, social networks)
    - Use of the label "Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021 – WINNER”
    - One acrylic glass prize sculpture "Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021"
    - One personalised acrylic glass certificates "Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021 – WINNER”
    - One Teardrop Flag on the exhibition booth
    - Special Mention on the website issapulire.com
    - Special Mention on all the communications related to the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” (media relations, social networks)



The media office of ISSA PULIRE will issue a general press release announcing the termination of the period for the submission of entries, along with details about the number of member companies participating, the number of products submitted, and instructions on how to take part in the awards ceremony.


On Tuesday 7 September at 11:00 a.m. in the “ISSA PULIRE THEATRE” area in Hall 4, five (5) finalists (Nominees) will be announced and the winner will be proclaimed. 

All candidates are invited to send a company representative to the awards ceremony to receive, if one of the finalists, a certificate of recognition or, if the winner, the prize itself. We also ask that the representative be available for press photos and interviews, which will be disseminated through trade publications and institutional media channels.

Both during and after the trade fair, the companies that were shortlisted as finalists and the company with the winning product will be allowed to run advertisements and publish material containing the words “NOMINEE / WINNER OF Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021", or else use a logo provided by the Organizers.


The Organizer, starting from the second show day, on Thursday the 8th, will showcase the products of the finalists and winner by projecting photographs of the products in rotation on one led-illuminated wall-screens located inside the trade fair centre (specifically, in the “ISSA PULIRE THEATRE” area in Hall 4).

The images to be used for this purpose will be the same as those submitted by the competition entrants.


The companies participating in the award competition assume full and complete responsibility with organizers and third parties as to the originality of the designs presented and anything else declared in relation to the dates when the related products were introduced to the market. The organizer of the trade show and of the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” is released from any responsibility arising from complaints concerning the originality and source of the designs.


Complaints from the exhibitors or third parties concerning compliance of the products selected with the originality of the design and/or the date of introduction onto the market and/or any other irregularities, must be formally submitted to the trade show organizer no later than one week after publication of the list of finalists and the winner. Irregularities must be well documented and not anonymous.

Once a decision is made on the complaint, pursuant to Article 5 above, the jury will implement the measures it deems necessary to protect the credibility and the reputation of the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021”. If irregularities are proven, the product subject to complaint will be disqualified. If the winning design is disqualified, the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” will be awarded to the runner up.


Organization of the “Product of the Year ISSA PULIRE 2021” is handled by:
ISSA PULIRE NETWORK S.r.l. Organizational Offices of ISSA PULIRE 2021
Via Felice Casati, 32 20124 Milan
Tel. +39 02 6744581  

For information please contact:
Maria Elisa Latella
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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