3 days of in-depth training

The ISSA PULIRE LAB project was born with the desire of being a permanent learning laboratory. A laboratory made of cross-cutting activities, during the 3 days of the event, that will feature some of the main experts of the professional cleaning industry. The goal is to share a deep knowledge focused on the main issues and solutions, procedures, processes, products, equipment, and best practices which are necessary to ensure an efficient and effective service.

With the ISSA PULIRE LAB project, the tradeshow shall implement a development plan that allows to engage with subjects that have been underrepresented so far. The goal is to integrate the most qualified skills and enhance the highest visibility to those subjects.

ISSA PULIRE LAB directly involves the service and facility companies, the trade associations, representative bodies, as holders of the specific know-how related to the cleaning and sanitization services.  They get offered the possibility to share their knowledge with a qualified audience, represented by the final users (hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care facilities, shopping centres, transportation) and becoming, in this way, the strategic protagonists of the project.

Cleaning and sanitization services are no longer a budget cost to be cut but represent instead real assets. These are activities that determine the degree of safety of a place, they ensure its healthiness and its preservation. These activities need tools, equipment, products and, of course, professional values, first and foremost: expertise.

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