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Over 30 candidates for the "Product of the Year CLEAN 2019"

The new Award receives acclaim both among Italian and foreign companies. Market consensus is the balance.

There are 33 products (18 of Italian companies and 15 of foreign companies) selected for the first edition of the "Product of the Year PULIRE 2019" Award. The new Award created by the organizers of the international fair of Verona PULIRE 2019 aims to recognize the research activity carried out by companies operating in the professional cleaning sector and the effectiveness of products placed on the market.

The products belong to 25 companies - 14 Italian and 11 foreign (Germany, China, USA, Netherlands, Slovakia) - participating in the Pulire 2019 show as exhibitors and co-exhibitors.

The first edition of the new award attracted the attention of all the product categories: 9 candidate products are Machines, 6 Equipment and 7 Products and Accessories for the environment, 5 are the Products for cleaning, maintenance and disinfection, 3 IT Services, 2 Components and finally among the Accessories 1 application.

"These numbers give us confirmation of the intuition that moved the idea of ​​the creation of the prize, giving voice also to the market. Because today the looking only at the innovation of a product is limiting, we should also consider the implication of its use and the market response ", emphasizes Toni D'Andrea, CEO of Afidamp Servizi, company that created the award.

Pulire was one of the first events to offer an award that recognizes the efforts and progress made by manufacturing companies on the innovation front, pursuing the Innovation Award for twenty years in the last ten editions. "The great novelty of the 'Product of the year' lies in the exclusive recognition of an article, (machine, product, equipment, system) that has received consensus and success on the market over the last year in relation to its performance qualities".

The values ​​on which the award is based are quality, reliability, eco-compatibility, ergonomic efficiency and cost-effectiveness, different but equally important, as they represent the characteristics sought by customers. The" Product of the Year "award also represents a way to stimulate, encourage and promote the study and commitment of companies in research and results", concludes D'Andrea.

Toni D’Andrea, Paul Goldin, Michel de Bruin, Tibor Ritz, Virna Re and Cássia Teixeira are part of the international jury, which will announce the winner. The award ceremony will be held on the first day of PULIRE 2019, at 5.30 pm, at the Afidamp stand (hall 6 - stand B3).

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