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The 24th edition of the professional cleaning show registers the enthusiasm of the constantly growing sector

VERONA - PULIRE 2019, the 24th edition of the show closed with over 17,000 visitors (+ 6%), more than 30% were foreigners, confirming itself as the reference point for the sector.

Interesting, sparkling, exciting, intelligent. These are just some of the comments gathered among the over 300 exhibitors, who are confident to generate new business with their leads, which were "more qualified than in past editions".

Positivity confirmed by the organization: "The market has rewarded a beautiful show for its organization, quality, efficiency and dynamism; we are very happy," said the CEO of Afidamp Servizi Toni d’Andrea.

One of the factors that characterized this edition was the internationality: visitors coming from 111 countries, exhibitors coming from 21 countries, 5 foreign delegations. The organizer Afidamp Servizi, in collaboration with ICE-Agency (which selected delegations from the USA, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa), set up an international lounge for b2b meetings. The five delegations of foreign operators represent, in fact, strategic and representative markets in the world of distribution, end users, and integrated services for the professional cleaning sector.

Internationality and innovation are the cornerstones of PULIRE 2019. Among the innovations, in terms of products, machines, cleaning solutions, many focuses their attention on ergonomics, the environment, intelligent consumption of water. Also interesting were: the floor cleaning machines with lithium batteries, the second life plastic, the remote control system for product consumption, robots, integrated cleaning solutions, Internet of things, multi-function trolleys, odor control toilet paper, ozone washing machines, sweeping machines that recognize and follow the operator.

Designing the indoor and outdoor cleanliness is a must for PULIRE. An equipped outdoor area has allowed live demonstration that put latest generation sweepers on a test.

AIISA - Italian Association of air duct system cleaning and SNS – Scuola Nazionale Servizi, the two Associations that are part of Afidamp, have widened their offer for companies, with a new certification on air ducts the first and with new courses the second, reaffirming the value of training.

In the afternoon, the attention was on the best window cleaner competition: Daniele Gardoni from La Spezia won the second edition of the Henry Unger Trophy (19’86” to clean 12 square meters of glass) out of the 20 candidates in the race

The three days show closed with the expectations that the partnership with ISSA will bring for the 2021 edition.