9-11 MAY 2023 | MILANO ITALY

Why visit

Cleaning and sanitization are among the few weapons at our disposal in the prevention of infectious diseases, and an element of reassurance for everyone that their health is also protected through careful and accurate sanitization operations.

The cleaning service no longer represents a mere budget cost to be cut down, but a real asset that requires professional products and tools and a competence brought only by specific and in-depth training.


Why choosing ISSA PULIRE


Customer satisfaction, loyalty and safety remain challenges that are always open for hotels, restaurants, bars, large retailers, pizzerias and public businesses that see an ever-increasing demand for professional cleaning.


Hospitals are the place where the link between health and cleanliness is most evident. More hygiene means reducing hospital infections through continuous technological progress in disinfection techniques.


More cleanliness means more safety and more well-being in schools, a better quality of life for students and teachers and an excellent calling card for the school.

Big Hub

Airports, means of transport, offices, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, are the places where we spend most of our time. Often those who frequent them are in-passing, but precisely for this reason they represent the best calling card of a country or a city.

Cleanliness is the most evident factor of civilization in a society.

More hygiene means more people satisfied with the place they frequented and the service they found.

Service companies

A professional cleaning service requires in-depth knowledge of products, procedures, techniques and operations management. For this reason, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards, a continuous update on the news of the sector, both in terms of products and skills, is essential.

What you can do at ISSA PULIRE

Finding the best products for your business

See first hand the products and solutions best suited to your business.

Among the product categories exhibited at the show there are:


  • Machines
  • Chemical products
  • Equipment
  • Products and accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Cleaning-maintenance-disinfection products
  • Tools for cleaning, maintenance and safety
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Disinfestation and pest control
  • Laundry

Stay up to date

Learn about the latest technological innovations and best practices in terms of cleaning and sanitization

Increase your skills

Attend ISSA PULIRE workshops and conferences to enhance your professional training


Meet the most innovative opinion leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of professional cleaning

Who you can meet at ISSA PULIRE

The manufacturing and distribution sector

ISSA PULIRE exhibitors offer the complete range of products and tools necessary for a high quality professional cleaning and sanitization service

Service companies

Cleaning, facility management and integrated services companies will bring their know-how to the show, the result of years of first-hand experience in the field.

Associations & Institutions

The institutional world is present at the show to give voice and support to all the representatives of the sector

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